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About Autistic Bookshop

πŸ“š Welcome to Autistic Bookshop! 🌈

At Autistic Bookshop, we're not just a bookstore; we're a community, a haven for the creative minds of the autistic community. I'm Ashley Lauren Spencer, the proud owner of Autistic Bookshop and an autistic e-commerce entrepreneur with a passion for empowering fellow neurodivergent voices.

🌟 A Platform for Autistic Creativity

Autistic Bookshop is not just a self-publishing platform; it's a celebration of diversity and creativity. We open our doors wide to authors, artists, photographers, chefs, and creatives of all kinds. If you have a story to tell, a vision to share, or a masterpiece to unveil, this is your canvas.

πŸ“– Freedom to Create, Freedom to Share

I believe in removing barriers. That's why it's free for autistic authors to self-publish their work with Autistic Bookshop. No upfront costs, no hidden fees. Your creativity should flow freely, and I'm here to facilitate that journey.

πŸ“· Print-On-Demand Magic

Our cutting-edge book printer can bring your creations to life in various formatsβ€”paperbacks, hardbacks, photo books, comic books, calendars, coloring books, and more! It's your vision; I'm just here to make it tangible.

πŸš€ Beyond Publishing: A Full-Service Experience

Autistic Bookshop is not just a shelf; it's a stage. I handle the promotion and marketing of your books at no cost to you. I understand the unique challenges many autistic authors face when it comes to self-promotion, and I am here to lift that burden.

🌐 A Global Niche, No Discrimination

Diverse topics, myriad genresβ€”there are no limits here. We embrace the unique perspectives that autistic authors bring to the literary world. Your story matters, and Autistic Bookshop is the place to make it heard.

πŸ’° Empowering Authors, Sharing Profits

Authors receive 70% of the profit from every book sold. Your hard work deserves recognition and reward. The remaining 30% goes back into Autistic Bookshop to keep the lights on and the opportunities flowing.

πŸ”’ No Personal Opinions, No Discrimination

I believe in the power of expression. Autistic Bookshop is a judgment-free zone. Your voice is yours, and I'm here to amplify it without interference.

🌐 Owned and Operated by The Autistic Innovator LLC

Autistic Bookshop is proudly owned by The Autistic Innovator LLC, a testament to our commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and a future where neurodiversity is celebrated.

Join us on this journey of creativity, expression, and empowerment. Autistic Bookshop is not just a store; it's a movement, and you're an integral part of it.

Happy Reading and Creating!


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